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The company

Mumbo Jumbo is a well-established company in the tourism industry offering entertainment, sports and entertainment services with a carefully selected and trained organizational structure. Our strengths are customer focus and product culture; we cater to all those national and international entities in the hospitality industry that want to invest in quality entertainment: accommodations, hotels, resorts, resorts, and cruise ships.



Our philosophy is based on the innovation of the offer and on the preparation of the staff. Thanks to a constant but discreet presence, our animators will make every holiday unforgettable and will contribute decisively to the loyalty of guests. This responsibility is sustainable only through acquired and certified sector skills, cultivated internally thanks to continuous professional updating. Only those who are really capable of making the customer happy and satisfied enter the Mumbo Jumbo team.



Our mission is to guide the host structures towards success, contributing to their growth and providing the necessary support according to the needs of the business partner. Mumbo Jumbo carries out tailor-made consultancy for the structures and becomes a real point of reference for the structure, the client and the guests. Mumbo Jumbo guarantees constant support and service throughout the year.


Better staff

Mumbo Jumbo recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining talented people in your organization.. In Mumbo Jumbo, the individual represents the centrality of the organization, according to a modern vision, aimed at building the future of the company on the values, ideas and professionalism of the individual, as the fundamental foundations for lasting and concrete success. A constant selection and training to give the best to each structure and to have immediate answers in case of changes or increases in personnel during construction.



Mumbo Jumbo's innovation lies in the analytical planning: the starting point of our work is a deep knowledge of the sector, the arrival point is a constant follow up of the activity through field monitoring. Our customer relationship management does not end with final customer satisfaction but we create added value in terms of effective return on investment. The keywords are: continuous updating, the latest trends, the most innovative technologies, new materials and forms of entertainment which translate into the satisfaction of each customer target.

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